Real-Time Face Tracking and Projection Mapping

Impressive proof-of-concept demonstration from OMOTE which accurately projects visuals onto a moving human face - video embedded below:



MUA: K. Smith (rivernokk)
Sculpture/Molds/Prosthetics: K. Smith
Model: M. Mojica
Photographer: Seth Miranda

The Villainesses sat down and talked with Costume Station Zero about cosplay, fabrication, and what it takes to wear six inch heels and five pound tiaras.

You can head on over and hear us talk about our latest projects, our favorite characters, how to deal with con-creepers, and more!

Interview with Costume Station Zero


The Villainesses (maliceandvice and rivernokk) discuss cosplay, conventions, and upcoming projects with Bob Mitsch of Costume Station Zero.

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First very early stages test of my build for Captain America’s Stealth Suit from The Winter Solider. 

Tonight I started playing with the star and stripes placement. I’m trying to nail it down with paper and tape before moving on to thermal plastic. 

So far I love how it’s turning out, but I have a lot left to do - crafting the star and stripes, adding panelling to the top, knee pads and red panelling to the pants, adding silver buckles to the belt and harness, securing the harness, sewing on patches, and adding leather to the boots.

And of course the shield. 

Casual Closet Cosplay Tuesday: Winter Solider Edition

We needed something to keep us from going mad while fabricating the real, much more complicated versions.

Real mechanical arm and shield coming soon.

rivernokk as Bucky
maliceandvice as Cap

The Villainesses made io9’s best WonderCon cosplay list. 

Check out our Amora (maliceandvice) and Lady Loki (rivernokk) costumes and the other amazing featured cosplays.


rivernokk as Lady Loki

maliceandvice (me) as Amora the Enchantress

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Wondercon 2014 is in full swing, here are some fans we thought should get a second look.