Villainess Creations Wondercon Saturday Lineup!

Kristin: Marvel Madness (Lady Loki & Black Widow)

Beth: Marvel/ DC Mashup (Amora the Enchantress & Black Canary)

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Sometimes you end up cosplaying a character with a really crazy hairline, and you think “How am I going to make THAT?”

Maybe you’ve already learned about lace-front wigs and how they appear more natural-looking. Maybe you’ve even heard of wig ventilation, which is the method for individually adding hairs into the lace of a lace-front wig. If you’ve gotten that far, you’ve probably noticed you need special tools, called ventilating hooks/needles, and they can be costly and hard to acquire. Fear not! I am here to show you a few methods to ventilate hair with just normal supplies you can find at your craft and sewing store!

That’s right, you can ventilate hair with just a normal sewing needle!!!

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Reblog for future reference, I’ve read about this before. Ahhhh I love lacefronts!

Now this is cool

What are some common ways of drafting patterns? It's something I really struggle with...


There are lots of different ways to create a sewing pattern! Here are some resources that should be helpful.

I personally freehand the majority of my patterns, or I’ll grab a garment with a similar shape/style from my closet and use that to trace out a pattern. However, for more fitted clothing like the bunny suit I’m working on, creating a duct tape mould can provide a more accurate pattern that will require less modification down the road.

When it comes down to it, a pattern is basically a puzzle that you’re putting together to make a garment. Once you start understanding how clothing is assembled, patterns make a lot more sense! Take some time going through your closet and examining the seams, panels, etc. on your favorite outfits. Think about how that jacket or that skirt would look if it was laid out flat on a table - that’s essentially what a pattern is! It might be worth visiting a thrift store and buying a few cheap garments that you can cut apart and examine (and even practice sewing them back together).

My biggest piece of advice, though, is to always make a mock-up when you’re working with a new pattern! Using muslin, cheap cotton, an old bed sheet, or whatever you have at your disposal, make a test version of your garment so that you understand how the pattern works. You can also use the mock-up to make any adjustments to the pattern so that it will fit you correctly. It’s much better to mess up on muslin as opposed to $22/yd brocade! (Been there. Done that. It was awful. 0/10 would not recommend.)

I was wondering if you had any tips for taking care of a curly wig. Mostly how to keep the curls all nice and pretty instead of a frizzy mess. Thank you.


Here are a few general tips on maintaining a curly wig:

  • Make sure you’re wearing a wig cap to keep the natural oils from your scalp away from the wig fibers.
  • Consider using wig mousse to keep down the frizziness of your wig. (Don’t use actual hair mousse, as it’s designed to work with human hair fibers; you want the kind that’s specifically intended for use with wigs.)
  • Use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers to detangle the wig. Don’t use a brush as that will ruin the curls.
  • If the wig is getting super frizzy, you’ll want to wash and detangle it.
  • You can also reset the curls using sponge rollers, a steamer, got2B freeze spray, and a variety of brushes - here’s a fantastic tutorial on how to fix your curls!


Makeup: mothteacup (Self)

Hair: Crystal Button

Model: Brytni S.

Photographer: Derek Althen


Makeup: mothteacup (Self)

Hair: Sara Mac

Photographer: Derek Althen

Model: Julianna B.


Artist: Kristin Smith (mothteacup)

Model: Elizabeth Bursick (maliceandvice)

Photographer: Deverill Weekes


Spontaneous DC meetup at ALA 

Black Canary - maliceandvice

Poison Ivy - mothteacup



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